Sunday, March 2, 2008

_ view of Gujarat - over ' India Mandible'

Note: _ if in childhood, I only see India diagram, Gujarat, or more accurately, D peninsula of Kathiawar (natural, I do not know D name then), fasten me as form like low a Kiefer - with D gulf of Kutch such as D open opening _ and I still think Kathiawar its nearly like mandibular like Italy its load leg or Eritrea its a horn _ this for post its D only in row on again journey more there.September 19., 2007:We wake up like ours train (D Sourashtra post office, jump for Dwaraka and Okha) pull in Ahmedabad station around approximately 5 its _ I vary half-sleeping and durable out to shoot from dte - surprisingly reminding in flavour of D heady material still receive on united track station in Kerala - it serve above by clamp on D platform immediate again animate me."Monotonous, puzzlingly and sometimes darkly..." - that its e m Forster on D see Indian landscape as from D to train windows _ and I to be expecting Monotonie for D day - endlessly scrub dustily city, little sea and possibly united salt tub toward to D end _ this its journey to place a what its never material my wish-listed - and I do not have none seriously expectation and have to form preparation excluded a D only minimum from bringing a leader book along.Ahmedabad its left behind soon (of D, it look rather to run leave down and mued city, not D nerve center of India at most train enterprising condition) and for D next train hour, D pursue expanded an elbow in and over Kathiawar. _ to surprise! _ D landscape to D the north and west of Ahmedabad, during nearly absolutely flat, its dot with sumpfgebiet, small lake and departure ditch (excessively have this year D rain its) and landlord multiplicity of bird - mostly moving water bird - a D emission and discharge of D united chemical factory do not seem amazing to have set her away _ I for point united pfau, largely night a heron squat on a tree (I confirm this to marking late from Salim Ali leader, left behind at home in Pune)and united grey herons, forum-went into D mud _ swarm of largely a stork (6 foot plus wingspan) have agreeing here and there _ occasionally, D entirely group (dozen) remove, rise too united 10 of foot and then them all slide down together, apparently in slowly motion _ and then, there its remarkably a test specimen - take up slim white a bird over 4 foot highly, 75 per cent of what its by D beginning (apparently able of ' telescopic ' contraction in length as well as its rotate down during in flight) - D friendly from vital statistics I to have see only in illustration of... diplodocuses! _ and then its bird what I, its D largely Indian Bustard.At Wankaner station present there, see united steam locomotive of long going era, simply rusting away... _ here forward, like D train enter Kathiawar correctly, to D sumpfgebiet grow little although D area remain flat; _ grow quite hot and stifling and D bird showing its mostly over (or it its straight resting in D vegetation). _ stand from Kaktus form hedge row and its from thorny scrub much there _ for agriculture its not intensively _ and united peapals apart, there its hard any Type _ there its much of cattle although - and united its _ D cattle seem great as large and strongly (possibly a colour extensively) like D Ongole bull of D the south; _ however its horn its D material play - until six foot in overvoltage form, it its as willful curly fasten in frontally opinion, and near D sharpen, it have an extra to rotate backwards - so tracing correctly a ' area curve '. _ and its a hen sorting bird forum-went here on D soil; _ have reddish crown and long calculation curving downward - Salim Ali leader its leis on this chap although ' curlew ' come close.As we approach Jamnagar, a considerably swathe of swampland and salt with a crust do not cover level open to D the north _ D gulf of Kutch its far and D leader book complicates to say, there its a naval wilderness already area _ and then, out there appear very largely petrochemically complicated, its jungles of structure crowding very largely a part of D horizon.The Arab sea appears out to D left like shining blue a fragment through over 3 P.M.. _ halfhourly and D largely vacant landscape suddenly Sproessling united scattered handles essay _ and at 4, D train drop us at Dwarka, our place of destination for D day _

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Saturday, March 1, 2008


If, which you spent at any time on this blog, know that this of the hobby horses, which I receive is a quantity of exercise to the expenditure of the people, which possess inheritance places of assembly and destroy them then. In haven Elizabeth ours is pray noir Irish slum area lord Ken Denton, which is not like a plague with men, if it comes to the inheritance destruction.Sadly, we is alone. Last week was demoliert a material treasure in Johannesburg, in the glaring defiance of an order, in order to protect the place of assembly. He was done by the company of imperial getting thing, and I would like the whole of, the this and read from Obacht fallen over this expenditure to express for of of solidarity with the people of Johannesburg by boycotting this company. I do something research during the week and inform you you which companies and products are involved.I to receive have protested already with imperial getting thing and sent letters to the friend -, MyPE Schwaetzchenforum and to the local newspaper of people to ask to stand and this company not permit together, with such zynischen and egoistic activities away. We do not have to send a strong announcement to all characteristic developers those, no matter how largely or Rich are them, it can with robbing we of ours heritage!I away received received a fascinating circular today, written by Neil Fraser, and there it set it all so talk-turned, copies I the letter, instead of, to the Rehash facts."CITICHAT trying, 3/200825 January 2008Laundry LamentationsAt gives the end of the daily which here it is that marks, the some people to be interested and others not a curse? Why do some people experience the Thrill examples of the cultures and the structures of a preceding way of life, while other history and inheritance than obstacle see to its concept of the progress? Why we let our lives be employed in such a way that, if they always concentrate on the urgent we it forget over, what important?Thousands the people week is real, must have as much driven behind the edge steam laundry buildings on the corner Barry Hertzog of the avenue and the Napier road as volatile view outside. With the actual laundry, which is long since closed, could some have visited, in order to do business with one of the small dealers - schmiede, carpenters and furniture Repairers - which let run from the place of assembly for the last 27 years. Few can have known history behind the place of assembly and the buildings on it. Even less can the world intelligence of some aspects of the Design and the structure of the buildings estimated have, in order to accommodate, which, into the early 1900s, a new technology was. The complex nevertheless encased an amazing history in, which was a part of the history of this moved winning city. Now the buildings, another example man�s of the having craze are gone and by considered supplies flouting the law land.Charles van Onselen (�Studies to the social and restaurant history of the Witwatersrand � �New 1886-1914 Nineveh�) a fascinating history of the development of capitalism to South Africa. �The South African transition to capitalism � like the fact that other where - therefore was of the contradictions full and conflicts and its cities was capable of the opening as well as closing the economic avenues, and it published certainly ever more than one way or out into the Arbeitsclass�. A chapter, which illustrates this statement and amazing detail of this transition supplies, is on �AmaWasha� �, which seemed the zulu washermen�s to Zuenft of the Witwatersrand.The AmaWasha in the early 1870s in birth by the low washermen�s caste of �Dhobis� to have emerged those to birth emigrated was begun and to practice its traditional occupation � �the commercial cleaning of clothes�. Local zulus were fast to recognize the opportunity to acquire an income of such work also faster and evenly, in order to seize on the opportunity, those the newer discovery of the gold on the Witwatersrand represented, accompanied, as it was by fast growth and service necessities. Up to the 1890 van Onselen were recordings, there already pairs of one hundred AmaWasha, which had even accepted turban �Dhobi�, at the work in the Braamfontein Spruit for the north of the winning camp. Up to 1896 gave it over 1,200 washermen found with eight or more places of assembly, whose main part seemed in the Richmond range to have been concentrated that, which supplied �by far well developed from the sites�.the owners eight wooden was and who iron structures, to some of to accommodate washermen and a small building, in which the laundry could be surely stored overnight.� in October 1895, the washing places of assembly became closed by the health examiners after a duerre in this year, which resulted in generally contamination of the work of places. 1896 were inevitably appointed sub-committee of the Johannesburg of health board, in order to examine long-term solutions for general cleaning. Since one would expect, the process provided an opportunity for capitalist promotion and corruption with the legal interests, which try, to steer the process to their own interests was actually created even as far away as Witbank as well as to begin mechanized processes in the opposition to labor intensive �AmaWasha�.The first the dampfwaescherei before 1895/6, while the Auckland park Steam Laundry company in June 1896 �with a registered capital of 12 500� one swam (Sterling zerstoesst). This was set up the center of the AmaWasha activities on the Richmond condition, until they were forced to Witbank. It gives still some rock close to the canalized river on the place of assembly �, which the last natural section put out of the Amawasha site.The Saga over a number of years continued; a return from any AmaWasha to the city, then their dismantling to Klipspruit, the growth of the Chinese laundries and naturally the increasing technology. From its dismantling to Klipspruit, it notes van Onselen that �the urban district put long-term plans, in order to develop a durably separated community with Klipspruit�, which would perhaps be both largely self-supporting office income producing. �The idea of the separation, which is paying for white managers for by the separate enormous resemblance held. Up to 1906 had been put up an ironing area, enclosed in drying place of assembly and first of one hundred particularly sketched concrete washtubs with Klipspruit. With blind Ruthlessness and varying cynicism the advice prepared, to shift washermen for that last mark � this times to an uneconomic washing place of assembly, which divided its attitude with the urban repetitions of drains works.�History! This mark is not imperial it a Korporation suitably specified, that�with blind Ruthlessness and varying cynicism� straight the last local examples steam driven industry destroyed, but crushes to a place, in which South African history gathered: the fight of the poor people to acquire to an honest life; Colonial separation; Indifference; Transfer; Distinction; Lack of compassion and the any decay of the AmaWasha.So, how this could happen? After all have we good legislation in the form of the national inheritance operational fund act of 1999, to that the preamble among other things contains this fine of words: �This legislation aims off to promote good management of the national condition to make possible and energize and communities, their legacy, so that it can be bequeathed to the future generations��our inheritance is singularly and plentifully and it helps not to be renewed�..It to nourish and to conserve not be able us to define our cultural identity and therefore nation��it to establish deepens our understanding of society��.�Well, history seems to be because of the heart of our mental well-being and the energy, ours is has that the imperial group, by its characteristic company, specifically bought the place of assembly in March 2006 for the structure of a showroom. The preceding owners obviously warned it that this was an inheritance place of assembly; the Parktown and Westcliff inheritance familiarly (PWHT) and know the value of the place of assembly and which represented it, request the place of assembly, in order to be �provisionally�, who was protected in the national inheritance operational fund act of 1999 and the provinziellen inheritance operational fund agency by Gauteng (PHRAG) expressed message to this effect in the provinziellen newspaper by September 20 2006 gave. PWHT raised also an objection to each possible Rezoning of the place of assembly for the movement showroom purposes. A reporter, who covered the acquisition at the time, became of someone by imperial the fact that she weren�t interested in holding old building �, which her first to demolieren and which would risk fine, �It�s only the R10 000.� explains company�s the attorneys refused that this note and indicated that their clients the national inheritance operational funds function completely considered and that they did not have an intention of doing everything, that for the Act!On Wednesday January 9. , on the way, the roof covering would contrary-act preparations of this yearly for demolition was stripped. Pw

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

_ Amulet (book): _ D Stonekeeper

Kazu KibuishiThe only book in D newly all-old title Amulet its straight release too amusingly buy this week, from Kazu Kibuishi, work readers can have seen in D popular flight Anthologie. _ and if there to be all you can say about this book, it its that D art its prettily industrial union of fear of honouring _ it remind me little point of Jeff a Smith bone, what its probably which in a scholarly manner wish people to think of, since that young reader fantasy row phenomenonally well in bookshop _ however this its a bone _ it does not have it very differently to believe to it _ fewer Disney to meet lord of D ring and more Harry a toepfer meet Narnia. _ D History follow two brothers and sisters, Emily and Navin, like them shift into again a house, and its fast drawn in world by their cellar _ into this world, them meet eleven, magically toy and monster again again to store like it it well it kidnap nut/mother and use their large grandfather mysteriously amulet to form it way by D dangerously landscape _ it its friendly of a straightforward -, generically fantasy in way, but its much of interesting idea throws in D mixes together to hold readers their toe there _ it opens prettily brutally introduction that can turn away united material young readers, but otherwise, it to be Quantity of fun everywhere in _ and as I mentioned forwards, for D art its fantastisch, and any error in D history _ Kibuishi fantastisch a job of cartooning under D largely creature adjust sketch _ and I material enjoy D atmosphere of D book _ D color at D begin its sunny and friendly, and grow coldly and grey-brown in D fantasy world that have entirely icily, dangerously believe to it _ united from D lining, like D separation to shoot, its applicable quite breath-robbing and probably reminding from D kind of thing people connect usually with D flight Anthologie where D creator only form its marking _ all, I must say that Amulet its prettily good in manual work open all-old title containing united for element that can material gotten caught and form it to strike row _

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Monday, February 25, 2008

"they called it Rock"

"Well, went them the record/The recording cut struck charts/And someone in the newspaper, which was said that it was hot." That is not always way?Form is temporarly, it say; Category is durable. Because case, this is the box for cut Lowe.For a beginning, it was a member of one of the largest missed opportunities of the 70s -- Brinsley black -- and wrote the wonderful "(which ' period is so merrier), peace, the love and an understanding?" which I hope that you now.When through heard, which broke the black above, Lowe shifted on, in order one of the largest phase volumes of the "publication rock" era -- Rockpile to connect. Dave Edmund can have been the leader, but Lowe was the soul and as Edmunds of rock to move not on could ' n role, gurtete Lowe on its loadings and went working, how the house producer for one the upper Punkaufzeichnung sticker - rigid Records.His list of producing of credit notes is a real, who has, whom the Punks and the new wave: Wreckless Eric, Dr Feelgood, condemned, the Heuchler, Graham Parker, even Elvis Costello, which is led under its studio benevolence.And, that, it the time found, what the first Punk 45 its -- ", therefore he" goes -- and one of the really large new wave albums to join can to note "Jesus from cool to" alias "pure bang for now," a recording it bevoelkeren which is so perfect that even today's day it sounds fresh, free and relevant.It's intractably anti- Punk. In place of fuzzbox powerchords you receive twang, schlurfen and correct melodies. How was Punk that? "this evening" one the really large love song, "Marie Provost" are are episch straight, and epicly strangely in addition, while "they designated it, rock" is the music business in one a nutshell.Imagine gradlinigen country Country billy Workout and you is half to this song. It is firm, driving and accomplishes in way, so few the song are."Well, cut it another record/It was never hit/and, which said someone in the newspaper that it shit."Not cut Lowe was, then.

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